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We're All Gonna Make It...

...through tax season.



Everything your parent's accountant does, plus crypto.

Business Plans

Want to start a business? Not sure how? Talk to us first, we'll get you set up.

Tax & Accounting Services

We've got over 2 decades of traditional tax and accounting knowledge for individuals and entities of various sizes.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We have a deep and intimate knowledge of how blockchain technology works, how it is being used, and how it's taxed.



"As an NFT artist, figuring out taxes on my sales and royalties was a real headache, but the accountants at WAGMI.Tax made it painless."




We're Crypto People

As participants in the industry and supporters in the mission of decentralization, we have a much closer eye on the industry then many other accountants.

In fact, many accountants refuse to "touch" crypto altogether, and will turn away clients who participate in the space. Others will accept the work (at exorbitant rates) and not even know what they're looking at.

We work with some of the leading platforms and software in crypto tax and accounting reporting and some of the largest NFT brands in the space.


Our Clients

Our clients are founders, devs, apes, punks, goblins, degens, paperhands, diamondhands, flippers, traders, investooors, collectooors, and more. We respect their anonymity and do not share any communications without express prior consent.


Whether you're a multimillion dollar NFT brand, a DAO, or a down bad degen, we've got your back, and we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial activity, and pay as little amount of taxes as legally allowed. 

Whether you need a full service accountant, or just someone to figure out "the crypto stuff," we're here and we're all going to make it. 

Our Mission

"Our mission is to empower our clients by providing innovative and secure accounting solutions utilizing blockchain technology, enabling them to make informed financial decisions, and streamline their accounting processes. We strive to be the leading accounting firm in the crypto industry, delivering exceptional client service and fostering trust through transparency and accountability."


Software We Use



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